Hello fellow Bohemians!

Welcome to Bo Blog.   Here you will be in the know about what we as the bohemians of The Bohemian Café are up to.  What are we doing, thinking, watching, listening to, by the way  Chef Kevin is playing The Allman Brothers “Where it all Begins” .  It’s Bohemian, anything goes, so you never know who or what is going to pop up here.  I might poll for new cake flavors or favorites.  Chef Kevin may or may not let you know what is growing in the garden or what he has coming into the kitchen.  You may hear from Devin on new cocktails he’s been concocting, we might even convince him to show you via “Drinking with Dev”!  Taylor will most certainly let you know upcoming events, special menus and such, although you never know what fun facts she’ll have for you to be at hit at trivia night. 

So, very in tune to the song that has been playing over the speakers, this is “ Where it all Begins” where it goes, well who knows!