Girl Scout Cookie Cakes

Girl Scout Cookie Cakes

Did you know that Juiette Gordon Low of Savannah, Georgia founded the Girl Scouts over 107 years ago? And that Girl Scout Cookies have been sold to raise funds for individual troops since 1917 when a troop out of Muskogee, Oklahoma sold their cookies as a service project.

I myself had never been a Girl Scout, until our daughter became a scout over 9 years ago. Most of my female relatives (on my Mom’s side of the family) were scouts and troop leaders, even my Mom. There are several stories that my Mom, Aunts and dearly departed Grandma would tell much better than me, mostly because I was too young to remember what happened. I can just tell you that I LOVED hanging out at the retired caboose at the Girl Scout camp somewhere around Louisville, KY that we would visit.

Our girls here in South Carolina are finishing up their cookie booth sales this weekend, which means that my supply of cookies will eventually run out. And with that the Girl Scout Cookie Cakes will also go away. But don’t fear, the cookies and the cakes will be back next year. Until then, do as I do and fill your freezer with as many cookies as you can this weekend and come into The Bo to get a slice or two of cake while it lasts.

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