Lunchboxes and Backpacks

Lunchboxes and backpacks

This is a big week for a lot of people in the upstate, witha around 180,000 students returning to the classroom. Moms, dads, grandparents, siblings, guardians and caretakers are either getting back into the groove of juggling schedules, lunches, backpacks, car line and busses or are just being introduced to the new normalcies of having school-aged children. In this mix, I’m sure are also those who miss this craziness of life. Those whose children have just left the nest or are going away to school and don’t have the hands-on day-to-day that they once had.

I have to admit that it seems a bit odd to be a parent stuck in the middle of these life events. Chef Kibo and I are out of the elementary and middle school loop, shuttling our kids to and from school, extracurriculars and after school events. We’re also not at the colligiate or empty nester level either. Our “little ones” are both high schoolers, old enough to be self sufficient in some ways and get into a heap of trouble in others. There are definately times where we question the kids’ affection for us, and they sometimes have the look of “How did my parents survive this long?” on their faces. It has occured to me that every parent goes through this at some time or another.

So for you parents, grandparents or guardians out there who are stuck in the middle of raising these “little ones”, whatever age they may be, I have made PB & J Cake to celebrate all of us adjusting to Back to School. Come in and grab a slice and decompress, because hey we made it through THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL!

PB & J Cake

PB & J Cake